SVP Charlotte is currently investing and working in partnership with these high potential nonprofits in the Charlotte area.

Each one is tackling some of our community’s most pressing issues and has partnered with SVP to take their work to the next level. We’re honored to work alongside them to strengthen their work and help them fulfill their missions.

The ROC (Rebuilding Opportunities in Construction)

The mission of The ROC (Rebuilding Opportunities in Construction) is to recruit, educate and mentor high school Youth Apprentices in Charlotte, NC for career and technical education (CTE) and employment opportunities in the construction industry. Embedded within this mission is for The ROC to be an integral part of a community-wide upward mobility solution for at-risk minority teenagers.

The ROC program is an accredited Youth Apprenticeship program which prepares students under the age of 18 for “entry” into full time construction work. The ROC Youth Apprenticeship program involves a combination of structured classroom and applied learning on the job (i.e. Work Based Learning) which ensures Youth Apprentices are obtaining marketable industry recognized skills as they progress.

Executive Director: Darren Ash

SVP Lead Partner: Harris Ralston

Profound Gentlemen

Profound Gentlemen (PG) was founded by two Charlotte Mecklenburg School Teachers in 2015 and their goal is to build communities of male educators of color who offer a profound additional impact to the lives of all students, especially boys of color. As of 2020, there are over 500+ male educators of color who are Profound Gentlemen members. PG has retained 98% of their male educators of color, provided development opportunities, and helped them enter leadership roles in their respective schools and districts.

In its final year, SVP’s engagement with Profound Gentlemen has seen a number of significant achievements. These include assisting PG transition from a founding Board of Directors to a Board positioned for growth, long-term sustainability and leadership; multiple think-sprint/brainstorming sessions to address acute challenges; support and assistance with annual fundraising events; and a collaboration in 2019 to develop a new school district-based revenue model that resulted in PG’s first fee-for-service revenue.

Executive Director: Jason Terrell

SVP Lead Partner: Jen Davis Martin

Families Forward Charlotte

Families Forward Charlotte partners with families living in poverty in Mecklenburg County, NC. They provide individualized mentoring, educational opportunities and essential support as they walk alongside each family on their journey toward long-term stability and economic mobility. Through the Family Success Program, they utilize a Mobility Mentoring approach along with other modes of support to improve social capital, improve access to resources, and ultimately encourage economic mobility.

The Families Forward Team was first introduced to SVP through our annual SEED20 program. As SVP Charlotte’s newest Investee, we are working to strengthen the already solid programming and messaging to support the sustainability of the organization and the impact they are making.

Executive Director: Carrie Christian

SVP Lead Partner: Rajan Merchant