As CEO of Clear Communication Consulting, Monique enjoys identifying ways to help leaders grow their businesses. She skillfully creates strategies to strengthen company culture through proper communication first leader-to-leader and then leader-to-team. She strongly believes that instituting healthy cultures starts and the top and when executed properly, breed happy employees who will organically render stellar customer service. Her goal is to help save money, make money and enhance the customer experience.

Monique has over 30 years in cosmetic and hospitality sales and management. She has led teams to over ½ million dollars in annual sales continually. Maintaining a standard of excellence in hospitality, leadership and community service has resulted in numerous awards including her induction in 2018 into the Women’s History Hall of Fame at the Levine Museum of the New South in Charlotte, NC.

As a result of her commitment to youth and their families, Monique founded the Grooming Greatness Foundation in 2014 a nonprofit organization with two initiatives, Ladihood and Manlihood, both focused on bonding parents, guardians, mentors and their youth through the grooming process. The goal of the foundation is to groom them into well-rounded productive members of society as they educate, enrich and expose then to the endless possibilities for their future success.

Engaging with Monique results in you walking away refreshed and invigorated as a result of her positive mindset and genuine love for people.

Her favorite quote, which of course she penned, is “A rich lifestyle has nothing to do with money but everything to do with mindset”.