Even before joining SVP, Stephanie and Scott Leo had been involved in their community their entire adult lives. Most recently, Stephanie has been involved with PTOs (Parent-Teacher Organization) at her kids’ Southpark schools. Scott has been involved in service to his alma mater, NC State, as part of the Park Scholarship program and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Stephanie and Scott both serve on the Board of Directors of Barclay Downs Swim and Racquet Club, located in the neighborhood they have lived in since 2002.

They joined SVP in 2015 after having been introduced to the organization by Jen Davis-Martin. Stephanie and Scott were attracted to the idea of working together and committing with other like-minded people in the Charlotte community to focus their time and money towards the venture philanthropy concept. Since joining SVP, Stephanie has been a SEED20 coach, participated on the Investment Selection Committee, and currently serves on the Board of GenOne, one of SVP’s newest Investees. Scott, a public finance attorney at Parker Poe, has been a SEED20 coach for 3 years, served on the coaching subcommittee for SEED20 and has now started on the SVP Board of Directors in 2019. Stephanie and Scott have three daughters, Hannah and Kate who are freshman at UNC-Chapel Hill, and Megan who is a freshman at Myers Park High School.