Investee Description: Engages the community to provide healthy food to those facing hunger by providing a platform for patrons to “bump up their bills” at local restaurants and donate that change to a hunger relief agency. The organization is founded on the belief that the monetary equivalent of a canned good in the hands of a centralized hunger relief organization could be used to purchase healthy food in bulk at volume discounts and ultimately feed more people. 


SVP Lead Partner(s):  Hilary Tate and Gary Starr
Investee Contact:  n/a
Website: n/a 

Volunteer Jobs/Projects: 

Event planning: PlateShare is a new nonprofit and is in early stages of program planning; assist in a soft launch to SVP Partners and/or assist in formal community launch (will take place at a local restaurant) 

Marketing: help develop marketing collateral for participating restaurants and general promotional materials; help with social media 

Website development: help with content development and oversight 

If interested, contact Heather Karriker,