Investee Description: an organization created to contribute to ending the school to prison pipeline through the recruitment, support, and retention of male educators of color. PG provides mentoring and development services to support male educators of color to in turn provide a profound impact for male students of color. PG facilitates bimonthly gatherings, designs individual support plans, and recommends programs to develop participants in character development, professional growth, mentoring groups, and civic engagement. 

SVP Lead Partner(s):  Meredith Chapman & Jennifer Davis-Martin 
Investee Contact:  Jason Terrell, Executive Director

Volunteer Jobs/Projects: 

Community Engagement Committee:

Event Planning/Fundraising Event:

  • Soiree Committee (July 2020 start)-this annual fundraiser is run by the Community Engagement Committee, but has volunteer opportunities to support the event.

Classroom Support: August 2020 back to school kick off will need 20+ volunteers to help educators prepare the school and classrooms for students to return in the fall.

Board members: PG is entering into the sixth year of programming and are seeking to grow their Board of Directors with passionate, committed, and authentic community leaders.  PG is recruiting for the following:

  • Assistance with populating the board with diverse members
  • Governance Committee (specifically law/legal background and expertise)
  • Community Engagement Committee-would help execute fundraising and community events.  This committee has a chair, but additional members are needed specifically with Marketing experience.


If interested, contact Kristin Beck