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Why Engaged Philanthropy? New Partners Share Their Stories

Whenever new Partners join SVP, we’re eager to share the story of why they’ve chosen to participate in our unique model of engaged and strategic philanthropy. Sure, we think it’s pretty swell: who wouldn’t be drawn to deep, committed work with local nonprofits tackling the most critical issues in their communities? Yet every time we ask, we learn something new about how and why SVP intrigues new community members. That’s why we highlight new Partners: to learn about their backgrounds and previous commitments: their lives before SVP, where they want to go from here, and what role they see us playing in their bright vision of the future.

SVP Charlotte Partners

SVP, Selfies and Strategy Sessions!

Every year, SVP Charlotte’s Partners gather together to celebrate the communities they’re working alongside and look forward to another year of engaged philanthropy and relationship-building. Here are some pictures collected from last year’s get-together. We look forward to the next!  For more photos, visit the SVP Charlotte Facebook page!

Sandy Marshall of Project Scientist at SEED20

My SEED20 Story: Sandy Marshall of Project Scientist

Sandy Marshall is a paradigm-shifter, a glass-ceiling-breaker, a nonprofit executive-turned social entrepreneur. She joins several like-minded leaders in spearheading a surge of national, organizational and community-based campaigns to foster more and better opportunities for women and girls in STEM fields. Marshall’s energies are currently focused on Project Scientist, the Charlotte-based nonprofit she founded in 2012…